All About Homalomenas [VIDEO]

All About Homalomenas [VIDEO]


Homalomena is definitely not a typical houseplant name you hear often and I'm really not sure why. It's not a philo, hoya, or pothos but I have a feeling Homalomenas will be taking over the plant industry soon enough. There are a lot of varieties out now but most popular would be the Rubescens, Selby and Emerald Gem. Each looks widely different than the other, making these plants very attractive to the eye. Each offers something unique!

This uncommon houseplant is very easy to care for as they are low light tolerant, and can handle drying out in between watering. Quick Tip: these guys are quite visual when they want water, their foliage droops much like a peace lily. 

Homalomenas do enjoy a warm environment though, so give them plenty of warmth! If I had to compare a homalomena to any other plant in terms of care and growth habit it would be an Aglaonema. 

View available Homalomenas here

Watch the video below for a 6 minute in-depth chat about Homalomenas! 

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