About Ruby Flora

My idea of owning a plant shop started years ago when I found myself in my very first marketing job in 2011. I saw the ins and outs of a medium-size business and it put a lot into perspective for me. But seeing Ruby Flora as a functioning plant shop was a stretch at the time as I was trying to professionally develop myself inside a corporate setting. I always had my plant shop dream lurking in the shadows though. As a relief to corporate [9-5] stress in 2019, I started diving way deeper into houseplants. I started propagating plants and rehabbing sad or tossed plants that I found near garbage cans or dumpsters and selling those (now beautiful) plants on Craigslist and Facebook. I noticed people were coming from all over to my house to buy my plants. Plants were truly something that gave me satisfaction and when I realized I could also give people that same satisfaction, that's when it all started to click. I bought an outdoor greenhouse to store excess inventory. Once I started selling out of my greenhouse almost weekly, I knew I had something special. I officially left my marketing director position at a digital agency in Pittsburgh and started paving my own path! 

greenhouse with plants

Ruby Flora wants to make it easy and fun to find unique or hard-to-find houseplants that will bring life to any living space. Bringing nature into our homes should be an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to bring together thoughtfully-chosen plants that are able to thrive in your indoor setting with an eclectic mix of planter styles for all decor. I want to promote communication surrounding houseplants and their care, so when you purchase a houseplant from us, you feel confident with your new green friend. In addition to offering high-quality and unique products for new plant parents to seasoned collectors, I am passionate about plants and share my knowledge with everyone who walks through my door.

My Story

By supporting Ruby Flora, you are not only helping to make a dream come true, but you are also supporting local nurseries and growers that care about the quality of live plants. You are fostering creativity, collaboration, and a desire to bring unique plants to the Pittsburgh area.

Keep on growing and learning!
- Lindsey