DIY Plant Bar

Tap into your creative side at our DIY Plant Bar! If we're open, the plant bar is too. We always have unique vessels and supplies for building your own Terrarium and/or creation such as kokedama, moss frames and more. 
DIY Plant Bar at Ruby Flora Plant Shop


Step 1: Pick your glass vessel or craft item
Each vessel is unique and price varies so make sure to choose accordingly! Each vessel price includes the complimentary decor items on your table and soil bar. Plants are an additional cost.

Step 2: Choose your plants
There are 2 different kinds of plants to choose from, tropical and desert. Be sure to choose either type of plant for an open container and tropical plants for the closed terrariums. Plants are an additional cost.

Step 3: Assemble your creation/terrarium. Once finished with your creation, head to the checkout counter to pay. The price on the vessel is what you pay plus any plants you used. Don't forget your mini nursery pots so the cashier knows how many plants you chose.

Do I need to reserve a table?
Nope, we are open for you to create all day long!! Want to repot a plant? Do so here. Bought a new plant and planter just now? Pot it like it’s hot. Want to build a terrarium? Get creative here! Feel free to use any items in the plant bar for your creation/needs. THIS IS HERE FOR YOU! If there is an open table, it's yours to use.

Can I have a private party here?
You can rent out the DIY Plant Bar for any special occasion. Work event, corporate team building, birthday (child or adult), whatever! Coordinate with us so we can make your event special.

What if I want to buy a vessel but don't have time to create there? The price you see on the vessel is the price you pay. It's encouraged to stay and create so you can use everything available to your advantage. 

What's the price to make a terrarium?
This is kind of a tough question as every terrarium is individually priced. The average amount would probably be anywhere from $30-60 per build.

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