All Hail the Peperomia - 2022's Houseplant of the Year

All Hail the Peperomia - 2022's Houseplant of the Year

Peperomia are having their much-deserved time in the spotlight right now because they were recently named Houseplant of the Year! If you didn't even know there was such a competition, don't worry, the National Garden Bureau just started this trend since the love and popularity of houseplants exploded during the pandemic.

For the past 40 years, the NGB has used this program to educate the public and encourage them to garden with the featured plants. "Specific plants are chosen because they’re popular, easy-to-grow, genetically diverse, and versatile". - words from the bureau.

The genus Peperomia has several hundred varieties under it and they're some of the easiest houseplants you can grow. These no fuss plants really take the cake when it comes to style, color and hardiness. Which is why I can totally see why they were the winner!

Some of the most popular types of Peperomias:

  • Marble Peperomia
  • Red Edge Peperomia
  • Rana Verde Peperomia
  • Peperomia Schumi Red
  • Peperomia Frost
  • Peperomia Rosso
  • Peperomia prostrata (string of turtles)
  • Watermelon Peperomia

A couple top questions that always come to light around the shop are:

Are Peperomias pet friendly?
Yes! I think that is what makes the peperomia one of the best houseplants, they're cute, low maintenance and best of all, pet friendly. According to the ASPCA, they are a non toxic houseplant that is safe around your furry friend.

How big do Peperomias get?
Peperomias grow in what's called an upright mound growth habit, very rarely surpassing 2 feet tall in height. They will continue to grow out and up but they never get too tall so they're perfect for a small area. 

How often do I need to water a Peperomia?
Water every 7-12 days (dependent on your home conditions) and allow the potting soil to dry out between waterings. Peperomias hold water in their stems and leaves so they become quite noticeable and droopy when thirsty. 

How do I propagate a Peperomia?
Peperomias actually have the ability to be propagated from any part of the plant! Stem cuttings or even leaf cuttings can root if given proper growing conditions.

What type of light should I put it in? 
Many Peperomias can adapt to a range of light conditions, including lower light situations or artificial lighting. Once again, an easy peasy plant!

Ready to jump on the peperomia band wagon? View what I have available here!

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