Briiv air filter next to houseplants

Plant Power: Briiv Air Filter Review

Plants are incredible, there is absolutely no denying that. As an owner of a houseplant shop, I take clean air pretty seriously. So when Briiv reached out to me to review their sustainable and eco-friendly air filter, I knew this relationship would be the perfect fit.

briiv air filter next to houseplants

Since covid first appeared on the scene, we have all spent way more time inside our homes than ever before and that could have caused a shift of new allergies and reactions that we never had previously. I recently went to an allergist to get tested to see what was causing some of the worst allergies of my life a few months back. Turns out, I now (at the ripe age of 36) am allergic to dust mites, certain grasses, and trees! As this newfound information was a surprise to me, I ran to target to purchase an anti-microbial and hypoallergenic pillowcase to breathe easier at night.

All of this got me thinking. We hear about our planets global pollution, harmful gases, and what not but do you ever stop and think about what is in your own home? Yes, houseplants absolutely help clean the air, but you need a great amount of them to see or feel a difference. Fun fact: Briiv is as powerful as 3,043 medium size houseplants!! Yes, you read that number correctly, that is a lot of plants. Now, I'm all about fitting in as many plants as humanly possible, but I don't think anyone can fit in over 3,000 in their home. So let's give Briiv a round of applause for that impressive number. 👏👏👏👏


LET'S TALK ABOUT MOSS Not joking, I love moss. I love the shape, the texture (it's just so spongey), the cleansing abilities, and it's also just darn cute! Moss has perhaps the best air cleansing and oxygenating capabilities of any plant and is sometimes nicknamed "a green lung". Pretty powerful stuff, right? Moss absorbs all sorts of pollutants, allergens, and harmful particles. Moss and its beneficial microbes actually "feed" off these bad particles as moss obtains all its' nutrients from air and water. The natural-dried reindeer moss used is sustainably harvested in Finland too, just another reason why this product is so essential to support.

moss inside briiv

Briiv uses the power of plants mixed with a little bit of science to filter out harmful chemicals or odors in your home. Air is pulled through 3 separate layers, each one specially designed to capture small to large air particles. Medium to large particles are absorbed by the moss and coco coir layer below the moss, then the matrix filter captures the real small particles. The filter was specifically-created for Briiv and combines Activated Carbon nanofibre with a fine silk-based protein web which can trap harmful fine dust, VOC’s and large viruses.

air filter 

Briiv is also a modern-looking air filter that doesn’t typically look like your average piece of tech. This air filter sat comfortably on my countertop and blended so well into my kitchen decor my husband asked where I got this "cute little gadget from?". Typically my countertops are filled with larger, uglier appliances, so replacing those with something more aesthetically-appealing such as moss was totally my vibe. As you can see from my kitchen, I don't shy away from filling my house with plants, and after running this for more than one hour, the air felt so clean inside my kitchen, and that was even after cooking dinner! It was incredibly efficient at removing the cooking smells from the air. Briiv is an appliance you can use guilt free too, every component has been meticulously-considered. Parts that are not biodegradable, such as the glass cover, can be easily recycled! ♻️

briiv air filter in kitchen


  • Uses natural materials like moss and coconut to filter the air
  • The filters are all plastic free and degrade into harmless soil in a matter of months
  • Effective at trapping harmful gasses, allergens like pollen, bacteria, and mold spores
  • High tech design with multiple modes you can select 
  • All components inside will last you one full year
  • Modern and compact look blends into any decor setting
  • Cycles the air in a 20' x 20' room in one hour 

All-in-all, I was very impressed with the Briiv air purifier. It looks pretty and falls in line with my planty-aesthetic, and its sustainable and eco-friendly stats are impressive. It’s light-weight so I could easily move it from room to room no problem. I like the fact that it isn’t expensive to run either and that the replacement filters are made from 100% renewable and natural materials. It features a calming and cleansing background noise when on and allows you to sit back and relax knowing that it's doing its job. 

If you would like to purchase your very own Briiv Air Filter, please click here to be taken to their website.

I think we all should start considering what products we bring into our homes, and although Brivv gifted me this air purifier, it's a product I now stand behind and would consider purchasing more of these for different rooms in my home. 


Disclaimer: Although Briiv is the natural and sustainable air filter you should know about, this is also a sponsored review. Thoughts and opinions are my own, and I stand behind products that care about the environment. I will now fully advocate for this product. Everyone should look into doing what they can to help the planet, and I do believe Briiv cares and makes a quality product.

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